Course curriculum

Here is an overview of what you, as a catering manager, can expect to learn:

    1. Welcome to Thynk University!

    2. How can I share my course completion with social media?

    3. Thynk about Social Sharing.

    4. What is a Thynk Community and should I join it?

    5. Thynk about Thynking Together

    1. Introduction to Thynk Home Page

    2. How can I personalise the tabs on my Home Page?

    3. Thynk about the Thynk Home Page.

    4. Basic Standard Features

    5. Thynk about Basic Standard Features.

    6. Thynk about personalising the tabs on the Home Page.

    7. How can I change the way the list of accounts/contacts appears on the Home Page?

    8. Thynk about changing list views on the Home Page.

    1. How can I create a new account and edit it?

    2. Thynk about creating a new account and editing it.

    3. How can I delete an account that no longer exists?

    4. Thynk about how to deactivating an account.

    5. Where can I track agency specific information?

    6. Thynk about tracking agency information.

    7. How do I structure accounts that have one headquarter (parent) account and many different regional offices?

    8. Thynk about account hierarchy.

    9. How can I check if a customer is in our database? How do I create a new contact, or edit an existing one?

    10. Thynk about searching contacts, creating and editing contacts.

    11. How do I delete a contact who has left the company they worked for?

    12. Thynk about deactivating a contact.

    13. My customer works for two different agencies (or companies). How can I attach them to both?

    14. Thynk about a contact who works for two different agencies (or companies).

    15. How do I move a contact from one company to another?

    16. Thynk about moving a contact from one company to another.

    17. How can I use Thynk to help me prospect accounts for new business?

    18. Thynk about prospecting accounts for new business.

    19. What are ‘PMS Accounts’ and how can I see a list of them in Thynk?

    20. Thynk about PMS Accounts.

    21. How do I link a Thynk Account to a PMS Account?

    22. Thynk about linking Thynk accounts to PMS accounts.

    23. Accounts & Contacts - Survey

    1. How can I track my sales activities, calls, future traces, and appointments with customers?

    2. Thynk about tracking sales activities.

    3. How can I view my log of calls and future tasks, and how can I share them with my sales director?

    4. Thynk about viewing your log of calls and future tasks.

    5. How can I get reminders to chase customers for signed contracts, decision due dates, etc?

    6. Thynk about getting reminders to chase customers.

    1. Can you walk me through the flow of creating a group booking?

    2. Thynk about the flow of creating a group booking.

    3. How do I block a group from the account?

    4. Thynk about creating a new booking from the account.

    5. How do I check guest room availability?

    6. Thynk about checking availability.

    7. How do I block a group from the Home Page?

    8. Thynk about creating a booking from the Home Page.

    9. How do I edit a booking?

    10. Thynk about editing a booking.

    11. My client wants to book a series of meetings. How do I block this?

    12. Thynk about booking a series of meetings.

    13. How can I copy a booking and update it with future dates?

    14. Thynk about copying a booking.

    15. How can I email a proposal/contract/ BEO/proforma to my customer?

    16. Thynk about emailing documents.

    17. Where can I find contracts sent to customers?

    18. Thynk about finding a contract.

    19. How can I view an account/agency’s total production figures? (Account Production Dashboard)

    20. Thynk about the Account/Agency Production Dashboard.

    21. How can I view my bookings for the current arrival year?

    22. Thynk about the 'bookings by owner CY' list view.

    23. How can I view bookings by booking ‘type’ for the current arrival year?

    24. Thynk about the 'bookings by type CY' list view.

    25. How can I view my pipeline for this month, and next month?

    26. Thynk about viewing my sales pipeline.

    27. Bookings - Survey

    1. How do I add an event to a group booking?

    2. Thynk about adding an event to a group booking.

    3. How do I check space in the function diary and can I block space straight from the function diary?

    4. Thynk about blocking space straight from the function diary.

    5. How can I move an event from within the function diary?

    6. Thynk about moving an event in the function diary.

    7. How do I add flowers/theatre tickets/spa treatment to a booking?

    8. Thynk about adding products to a booking.

    9. Where can I note specific requirements such as dietary restrictions or food allergies?

    10. Thynk about noting specific requirements.

    11. Where do we track specific instructions about a booking event to show on specific BEO Days?

    12. Thynk about specific instructions on a booking event for a specific BEO day.

    13. How can I have a different status on a booking and on an event?

    14. Thynk about a booking status and event status.

    15. How do I copy a function/event to a new date?

    16. Thynk about copying an event.

    17. How do I make sure that an event I have blocked is not moved by someone else without my approval?

    18. Thynk about locking your event so it can't be moved.

    19. How can I block my entire hotel for a private event (full buyout)?

    20. Thynk about full buyout / exclusive use for your hotel.

    21. How can I block a booking event as an outlet buyout?

    22. Thynk about privatizing a booking event.

    23. How do I generate a BEO and how do I edit it?

    24. Thynk about generating and editing BEOs.

    25. Where can I enter into a booking event, the agreed, expected, guaranteed, set numbers?

    26. Thynk about Agreed, Expected, Guaranteed and Set Numbers.

This course is designed for Catering Managers. This course is designed for Directors of Catering. It is designed to teach you how Thynk will help you run your day to day activities and book business quickly and efficiently.

  • 130 lessons