Course curriculum

Here's an overview of what you, as Property Admin, can expect to learn:

    1. Welcome to Thynk University!

    2. How can I share my course completion with social media?

    3. Thynk about Social Sharing.

    4. What is a Thynk Community and should I join it?

    5. Thynk about Thynking Together

    6. How do I contact Thynk Support?

    7. Thynk about Thynk Support

    1. Introduction to Thynk Home Page

    2. Thynk about the Thynk Home Page.

    3. Basic Standard Features

    4. Thynk about Basic Standard Features.

    5. How can I personalise the tabs on my Home Page?

    6. Thynk about personalising the tabs on the Home Page.

    7. How can I change the way the list of accounts/contacts appears on the Home Page?

    8. Thynk about changing list views on the Home Page.

    1. How do I create a new user?

    2. Thynk about creating new users.

    3. How do I assign permission sets?

    4. Thynk about assigning permission sets.

    5. My users keep forgetting their login! How can I reset them?

    6. Thynk about resetting passwords.

    7. How do I remove a user who has left our company?

    8. Thynk about removing a user.

    9. How do I create sales goals?

    10. Thynk about sales goals.

    11. How can I find and update goals by market segment?

    12. Thynk about updating goals by market segment.

    1. How can I update information on my property?

    2. Thynk about updating properties.

    3. How do I edit room types?

    4. Thynk about editing room types.

    5. How can I add citywides and tradeshows to the function diary and combined availability?

    6. Thynk about SP Events and SP Resources

    7. How can I enter room night and revenue goals by property?

    8. Thynk about sales goals by property.

    9. How do I set up default booking commissions for the entire property?

    10. Thynk about booking commissions for properties.

    1. How do I add help texts to remind users what some of the fields mean?

    2. Thynk about Help Texts.

    3. How do I create a template for 'description' fields for my property?

    4. Thynk about creating templates for 'description' fields.

    5. How do I make a field mandatory?

    6. Thynk about mandatory fields.

    7. How can I update the drop-down picklist values?

    8. Thynk about drop-down picklist values.

    1. How do I create a new standard product?

    2. Thynk about standard products.

    3. How can I edit a product?

    4. Thynk about editing a product.

    5. How can I delete a product?

    6. Thynk about deleting a product.

    7. How do I create a combo product?

    8. Thynk about creating a combo product.

This course is designed for Property Admins. It is designed to teach you how to manage the setup area, and perform your admin duties efficiently. More lessons to follow!

  • 73 lessons

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